Monday, January 16, 2006

More pictures for Reel Streets

Dear John,

Isn't it interesting, for those of us that know London, the idiotic juxtapositioning of places in certain films. Also, in "Brannigan" if memory serves correctly, there is an extraordinary journey from Heathrow that has the car passing Buck House and then some other totally off-route places before eventually arriving at Piccadilly or wherever!

...............tell me about it! Used to drive me mad, now I have a web site that does it!

Your other message asked whether I have been in touch with your brother: not yet! I have, however, invested in some equipment, programmes and wires so as to connect my VCR to my computer, but (being a neanderthal where these things are concerned) I have yet to get it to work! There was a problem getting the plugs to fit the sockets because of additional cosmetic plastic surrounding the pins, so I have just bought another one today which I am about to try out.

.........Good luck, light the blue touch paper and stand well back!

Whilst in contact, can I mention "The Lavender Hill Mob"? I have this on DVD, and have pulled some nice stills of the areas filmed - largely around Queen Victoria Street. Is anyone else working on this or do you already have pictures?

..........Well done, yes reserved for you for twelve weeks from when you send in the stills.

May I also reserve "The Omen", which was on TV at the week-end, and will be one of my first projects if no-one else is doing it? Some of the scenes were filmed in Bishop's Park, a place I spent many idyllic childhood Sundays.

.......Yes, indeed, twelve weeks also from when we get the stills, but park scenes are not real streets. Be careful, must have an actor and architectural detail.

As soon as I get my technology working, I'll get in touch to ask you which films you'd like me to work on. I know how busy you are (as am I, but this is a nice hobby for me, and I always walk with my digital camera wherever I go anyway).

As soon as you have the stills pulled off the original film, send them in and the film will automatically be held for twelve weeks for the "now" pics.

Best wishes,