Monday, January 30, 2006

Optimists of Nine Elms

Dear John,

This is a lovely film, complete with ukelele-playing Peter Sellers. He clearly loved the role, and I think his father learnt the uke' from Geroge Formby (or his father), according to another website. The two children in the film (the girl was just about my age at the time, 1973) are a delight.

..........One of the films I haven't yet found. Another one to copy for me please Marc.

But, the paradox is that in the film they live in Nine Elms (Sarf of the River) and want to move to "posh" flats North of the Thames, in Chelsea or Westminster. The actual film has them living in a terrace near Lots Road Power Station in Chelsea! They're also seen playing in a park - Eel Brook Common, which is now one of the poshest parts of Fulham with houses over £1million a piece! I live just along the Wandsworth Bridge Road from there. The only bit of filming actually occurring in Nine Elms is the Battersea Dogs' Home scenes!

.........But the big round gasholder........Battersea? It's very similar to the one in Battersea which also appears in "Ooh You Are Awful". And the group of three gasholders, Kings Cross perhaps, see "Ladykillers"? And many other readilly identifiable sites, Dorchester, Hyde Park, etc
Best wishes,