Monday, January 02, 2006

Re: Kilburn cinema

An elderly friend has asked me if I can identify an old crime thriller that had a climatic scene in either the Grange or Gaumont State in Kilburn.

..............Blue Lamp? Believe someone once put up some info on the blog.

I can find no reference to this but I wondered if you might know of it. She would be very grateful as would I.

M Gerard.

........Best wishes
John Tunstill

Thanks for you rapid response. However I think the cinema in The Blue Lamp was the Coliseum in Harrow Road. I found this on about Royal Oak: 'The Blue Lamp, a 1950 Dirk Bogarde film, was made around the area. The cinema where he kills Jack Warner is now a Housing Association office at 324 Harrow Road.' 324 was the address of the Coliseum. The Metropolitan, Edgware Road may also have featured in the film according to an item on The Mad Cornish Projectionist's website ( However, my enquirer insists it was a chase through a cinema that was featured in the film she remembers. The Blue Lamp only had a box office robbery as far as I recall.

Best wishes,
Malcolm Gerard.