Sunday, January 01, 2006

Sparros Can't Sing Movie Locations



I'm contacting you on behalf of a friend of mine, who was researching on-line & found your web-site request for information about any locations where Sparrows Can't Sing was filmed.

My friend's late father co-owned several night clubs in London at that time, and one of them was used in the film. He says he has the details, and if you would find it useful, he'll look it up for you. He says he hasn't seen the film for some years

Although born in the East London, and is a true Cockney, my friend was educated privately in North London, where his long-time girlfriend was Amanda Asher, youngest daughter of Jack Asher the cinematographer & niece of Bob Asher, director of Terry-Thomas, Norman Wisdom and Morcombe & Wise films. He was very close to Bob Asher who he remembers as one of the nicest men he ever met. He later went into the private security business, working for Anne Bancroft and other movie
people. His maternal grandfather was Dinah Shore's first cousin, & he has a considerable amount of items that belonged to her (jewelery etc).

Kind regards

Sue Turner