Monday, January 02, 2006


I have spent 3 wonderful hours navigating around your website and links,great !

..............the best three hours you've probably spent recently!

I have always been fascinated by film locations in this country. too.

Two of my favourites are A Prize of Arms - Stanley Baker,Tom Bell 1961 (not released on vhs or dvd,although I have a poor TV recording ) and the Angry Silence 1960.
I believe the Angry Silence was made in Ipswich,not too far from me.

.............that's a clue, any more info?

In the Prize of Arms cast list is Tom Bell and Geoffrey Palmer both of which are still alive I understand,would love to make contact with them to see how good their memories are !

............try them, they can but ignore you. Their agents will be listed in the Performing Artists Year Book available in your local library.

Are you or any else looking into these films ?
Thankyou again and Best Regards Gary.

............not yet, so you can "book" them if you like. We'll give you 12 weeks to come up with the goods before we release the investigation to someone else. And if anyone else out there wants to "reserve" a film for further personal investigation, stake your claim soon, before the rest of them get there. wishes, and we'll blog your letter
..........John Tunstill