Monday, January 30, 2006

Up the Junction


More splendid pics, and even better because "Up the Junction" is another film I haven't ever seen. Another one for you to please copy for me. That's at least two mugs of tea, and at least one bacon sarney, and probably a banbury or an eccles to follow, warmed, with custard, that I owe you!

Dear John,

Another place very close to my heart: I started trainspotting Up the Junction in the Easter Holidays of 1977 and have been doing so ever since! Some of the areas surrounding the station were almost the same as in this film, but in a state of dereliction (the shops as Miss Kendall leaves the station, and the market on the opposite side), and now the area is unrecognisable. A whole new shopping centre has been built on the site of the small shops seen in pictures 21-23, and the market in pictures 27-31 is now a bus-stand. The buildings have all gone, but part of Ingrave Street (Suzy Kendall's flat) still exists but I will have to go there to see if the terraces have all disappeared as I suspect they have. Also, sadly missing now from any scene will be the 4 imposing chimney of Fulham Power Station. I grew up in their shadow, and as long as they were there, guarding us from Southern attack (Lufwaffe?!) we felt safe, even if they did distort out television reception from Crystal Palace!, at school in 1977, age perhaps 12-16, so couldn't have been born much before 1960, so what's all this about Luftwaffe??? Us, real, oldies, almost, remember it well. And as for the modern invention of a Cristal Palace transmitter iwell recall when it was only Ally Pally sending out the signal, later followed by Sutton Coldfied. Luftwaffe indeed! Take away the custard I previously, foolishly, offered!

Incidentally, IMDB have the bridge in picture 2 as Albert Bridge! This is actually Chelsea Bridge, as can be seen in the panning shots towards Battersea Power Station.

............and don't even talk to me about IMDB, the errors that they offer are legion. They won't accept our input about locations, they won't link with us, and they won't answer our emails.Perhaps IMDB, stands for Ignorant, Maladjusted Dumb B£$%&%$£?

IMDB also has atrributed the Court scenes right at the end as being in Chelsea Town Hall. Picture 45 might have Suzy Kendall standing on Chelsea Town Hall steps (I will check), but the panning shots which follow up and down the road are most certainly not the King's Road!

..........see what I mean. I have tried, so many times to correct so many of their errors.

The gasholder in picture 46 looks like the one at Battersea (picture 6), but I have been racking my brains and "A to Z" to find a road which would have that sort of view of it! The Fuller's pub also suggests West London as opposed to Battersea, and I have read elsewhere that there were other gasholders of this design at one time, but I do not know of any.

.........therse gasholders were "German", of a German design I am told. There was another one whic appeared, and still exists at Kensall Green, see "Look Back in Anger". There may even be another set of anoraks who collect gasometers, as we used to call them.

...........thanks again

Best wishes,