Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Well sleuthers, would you believe

Well sleuthers, would you believe, I've had more than 50 emails today, just about ReelStreets, never mind, Soldiers, Postcards, Properties, Weddings, Dislexicon, La Preghiera and all.

We, Terry, Ruth, Mike and me are working flat out, but I'm about three month's behind at the moment, all my fault.................again!.

Subscriptions are now upon you, which may slow a few of you down, but your cash will enable more staff to be employed, which means more films, which means more subscribers which means.........

And not just 50 emails but 73 photos, thens and nows, from Boys Will Be Boys, In The Air, School For Scoundrels, Performance, Smallest Show on Earth, Oh, Mr Porter and a couple of others that are lost in the pile, and if you work that lot out at a tenner a pop, it makes our subscription charge look a snip.

Oh, and don't forget "TLTNK", the locations that nobody knows, your chance to find and photograph a location that ought to be used in a film or TV production. Creepy, romantic, posh, scruffy, artistic, gothic, happy or sad. Send in the pics and perhaps, just perhaps, if someone wants the location that you have found, you earn £100.00, yes one hundred pounds.

Happy, and prosperous New Year

John Tunstill