Thursday, February 23, 2006

Blue Lamp

Don't forget the little cinema by the canal bridge, on the corner of Amberley Road. The front has long been turned into an office, but the last time I looked at the Amberley Road side the auditorium plasterwork was still there. This was some years ago when the auditorium was used as a tyre and exhaust emporium. I keep trying to get back there to check it out, but Mrs Ward has speeded up her Oxford Street shopping expeditions so I can't quite make it there and back.

Personally, I always enjoy seeing PC Dixon getting shot; it serves him right for all those Saturday night TV programmes, and for being a collator well into his 70s !

However, I worked for many years at the Police Training School Hendon and, long before my time, it was shown to all new recruits, as there were lots of lessons that could be drawn from it.