Monday, February 06, 2006


Dirk Bogard and Julie Christie’s “Darling” is on site and many of the location used are identified. “The Jokers” has been captured on tape, and Oliver Reed and Michael Crawford do their best, and steal the Crown Jewels. Michael Winner used many locations in London for this entertaining film. “Bunny Lake” is there as well with locations identified in Hampstead and central London. “Frenzy” is prepared and the locations have been re-photographed and are now on site. “The Day The Earth Caught Fire” and “Children of the Damned” are both up as well. But have a look for yourself on It was interesting to note that in the sad tale of the whale in London last weekend that the film location sites for Alfie, Man in the White Suit, Brannigan, Sweeney, Long Arm of the Law, Long Memory, Hue and Cry, Lavender Hill Mob, Blind Date, and many many others were covered as the wale’s barge went downstream.