Monday, February 27, 2006

Hi film sleuths

Hi film sleuths

As many of you know the site became a subscription site from the start of the month, and future films on site will only contain a limited amount of information that will be available to non-subscribers.

Please take out a sub, it doesn’t cost much and it will help us to continue with the work that you all enjoy so much.

I’m attaching a few stills/screen grabs/”then” shots from three splendid films, “It Always Rains On Sundays”, “Waterloo Road” and “Deadly Affair”. In future the pre-release of the “then” shots will be available to all subscribers some three to four weeks prior to their inclusion on site. This will give subscribers an advantage when planning to take some “now” shots, for which we still offer up to £10.00 each.

And, for one photo you will have covered the cost of the subscription for a year.

We’re also starting a “Locations That No-Body Knows” area, which will contain photos of locations that should be used. Enter your pics, and if a location scout wants the address he’ll have to pay you a finder’s fee of £100.00.

But you do need to be a subscriber.

We’re about four months behind with our ReelStreets work at the moment so lots of you who have sent photos in are still, patiently, waiting for them to appear on site. The more subs we receive the more workers we can employ which, in turn will reflect to your benefit as we’ll be able to process more films more quickly.

Pleae help us to continue by subscribing to this unique site.

Oh, and yes, we’ve now got a message board where subscribers can post their views on individual film topics.

Best wishes

John Tunstill