Saturday, February 18, 2006

Launch ITV Local News

Dear Jon,

If you follow this link you should be able to get the bit about old films in Brighton & Hove 1897 to 1910 up on screen; Go to Itv Hastings and the local south east news comes up. I think it was Tuesday evening only a few minutes of it but when I tried it this was the first item up on screen. I don't know how long it remains live for though, probably changes on a weekly basis so look at it soon.

.............I'll blog it so that others can find it

You have to be on broadband I think. Only got round to looking in to it myself this morning but I did record it anyway.
Tim Sargeant

................we haven't even got "narrow band" in this part of Umbria!
But if there are any interesting stills that you can grab we'll put them on
Best wishes