Tuesday, February 14, 2006

reelstreets Villain Location

The enclosed attatchment is of Acton Central station one of the locations used in Villain where Nigel Davenport gets off the train and meets Colin Welland I thought the other shot of him waiting on a station platform as a train pulls in was also Acton central but I was there today and I was wrong, although it is on the North London line somewhere.

................Perhaps this is Villain Pic 6?

I emailed you a while back about the film 'The night night we got the bird' suggesting the station featured was Bishopstone near Newhaven, but it looks like I was wrong on that one as well.

let me know if this shot is ok,

No it really isn't much of a shot with the mist and the general greyness. But, you've identified it, and if you can take a more reasonable picture, from a better and more correct angle within the next 30 days, the £10.00 is yours