Sunday, February 19, 2006

Toy Soldiers in Film/tv programmes

Dear Mr. Tunstill,

I'm Michelle and I'm a student of Media and Culture from the Netherlands. I'm searching for films/tv programmes with toy soldiers in them, just like in the sixth sense when the little boy plays with them and speaks in latin to them. I know there have to be many more but it's hard to find them. I wondered if you could help me out.

..........The two versions of the Four Feathers had toy soldiers in them; Christmas under Fire, see stills on my site, War Films, contained a few shots............I'll make an appeal on our blog pages and message board for more information.

..............Your interest in Media and Culture might be stimulated by my
other web site, where we seek to find the locations used in old films and compare the site with the same locations today. I'll also put your request onto the blog and message board of that site.

.............Best wishes in your studies
............John Tunstill

..........PS, I provided many of the soldiers for the Callan TV series, do you have any screen grabs, stills showing them? I also provided the figures for book covers, record sleeves, adverts and a BBC production on the Boxer Revolution. If these are of interest I'll try and find better references.

With some help from others I've come this far:

The Sixth Sense
Indian in the Cupboard
Toy Story
TV series Callan
The Living Daylights
Small soldiers
The Patriot

With kind regards,
Michelle Lentz