Friday, April 14, 2006

out of interest

i first became aware of the power of film locations while passing through a small town called hope in british columbia which had a perfectly interesting history as a mining town but the thing that townspeople chose to celebrate in a big way was that it was the location for the first rambo film, first blood. the town guide gave a rambo tour in some detail. i've been interested in locations ever since - or the way narrative imparts mystery and glamour to a place. there are sound of music tours of course... and one person writing on a hitchcock site described his ecstasy at touching the handle of a door that james stewart had touched in vertigo - well it was a church... places given strange bogus histories that can have as much enchantment as troy or mycenae.

..............this fascination is with us all

as an occasional location spotter i have a couple to share

.............a bit difficult to get into, but a few shots from the film, thankyou

and ,

again, slow to get into, but interesting. But no contact details for PunkPedal, we should be linked

both quite well known i think - well i put the village of the damned location on the imdb site. do you know the location of the church in children of the damned by any chance?

............yes, of course, it's fully covered in the subscriber's section

as i live in brighton i can probably supply some of the locations - there's quite a few you have omitted such as the small alley near the hideout. the chase around brighton doesn't make a lot of topograpical sense - but that's the delight of film.

...........are we here talking about Brighton Rock?

this location is in hong kong if you ever saw chungking express

...........but currently Reel Streets is only for UK films, but thanks anyway, and a good lead

this is a ghoulish non-film location and there is a narrative that connects the images the strangest thing was coming across the name written across some windows in brixton at the time i was taking the pictures.

anyway keep up the good work,


mike stoakes

..........You too. Are you Punk Pedal, he doesn't give his name on his site and you both live in Brighton, with similar interests, so, putting two and two together and making five.................
Best wishes