Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Well, my real businesses are now starting again with the summer sunshine. Clients are arriving to stay at and also to look at the properties that I have for sale here in Italy,, so although ReelStreets has a huge backlog of material waiting to be loaded on site; including The Titfield Thunderbolt, The Big Sleep, Miracle in Soho, The Blue Lamp, The Lavender Hill Mob, It Always Rains on Sundays, Battle of the Sexes, Magic Christian, The Whisperers, The Wrong Box, Whistle Down the Wind, and a bundle of others; it will now have to take a back seat whilst I devote my time and energy to earning the money needed to support the site, and occasionaly pay my contributors.

We'll keep plugging away, but there won't be much time between now and the autumn to answer all the emails, pull the stills, grade the "now" pics, send everything to the webmaster, answer the queries etc etc etc

But maybe you've got time to enjoy sunny Italy as my guest, and in return, put in eight hours a day at the ReelStreets treadmill? A week of solid work would clear much of the backlog.............I'd feed you as well.............and you'd only need a passing knowlege of simple computering; Word and Adobe Paintshop "beginner's grade" would be sufficient; and of course a knowledge of, interest in, and love of, all our old films.

Hope to see one of you here in Umbria, soon

Best wishes

John Tunstill