Monday, May 22, 2006


Watched the film "Kim" yesterday afternoon, British India of the 1890's, with Errol Flynn & Dean Stockwell, made by MGM in the 1950's, good Boy's Own adventure based on Rudyard Kiplings book. Kipling lived in a house in London in Villiers Street, and this street appears in the film Callan, on our However the most interesting thing about Kim is, some 20 years ago in my Soldier Shop in Lambeth, London I bought a pair of statues, spelter, about a12" high, military in style, that, according to the lady who sold them to me, "Had been used in a film". But which film she didn't know.
Imagine the pleasure and surprise to see my statue on the headmaster's desk as I watched the film. Photo attached, oh, and by the way, the soldier site is, and the collection is housed in Italy in La Preghiera monastery,
Should there be any property master out there missing a couple of statues from his inventory.............don't call me!