Thursday, May 25, 2006

Violent Playground

Thanks for this.

Despite about a dozen other people all having a copy of this film, no-one was ever prepared, or able, to make me a copy. Can you do so, for either something I can swop with you, or for a £5.00 to cover your expenses. I cannot "buy" copied films.

If you want to abstract all the relevant locations, and send them in I can pay you a £10.00 fee when we publish.

If you can find any corresponding "now" locations, then we can pay you £10.00 each for these.

I have something that has been puzzling me for some time about the British film "Violent Playground".
It was made on location in Liverpool.......

................yes Gerrard Gardens

...except maybe for the final scenes?

..............don't know which scenes, because, as I said, there were many promises, but no action! There is a host of emails on the message board about this film

I have attached 2 screen shots from the final scenes and I was shocked to see what appears to be a 'foreign' visitor in the background!
As far as I know, Liverpool had no trolleybus system so I was surprised indeed to see a trolleybus glide by behind Peter Cushing. On closer inspection it appears to be a London trolleybus!
Maybe I'm wrong (and please tell me if I am!) but is it possible that that particular scene was shot in London?

Best regards, Ray Flight................Puzzled!

..........certainly part of the film was shot in London, in Stepney, a children's school. Don't know if they had trolly buses in the East End, but they certainly did in North London, where I grew up. see, from such tiny clues another can of worms opens up. Fascinating isn't it. Now we need a trolly bus expert!!!!!!

Thanks and best wishes

John Tunstill