Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Violent Playground

Hi John,
After some internet 'detective work' I can say that Liverpool has never had a trolleybus system. Therefore the final scenes in the film must have been shot in London due to the 'walk on part' by a London trolleybus.


Scrutinisation of my 1959 Central London Bus Map tells me that this trolleybus would have most probably been running on one of the following routes:
661, 663 (Mile End Road)
567, 569, 665 (Commercial Road)

That's what we like............a bit of dedication

677 (Burdette Road)
653 (Cambridge Heath Road)
These locations are around the Stepney area which you mentioned in your reply to me.

...............indeed I did, this should be somewhere in the blogs or message boards

The exterior & interior scenes of the school and classrooms from this movie were not shot in Liverpool but London’s East-End. I'm not really sure why the school which is St Mary's & St. Micheals RC School in Stepney, London E1 wasn't credited? The School is on Commercial Road E1 and Sutton Street E1.

ps. the interior shot with McCullun and the frightened kids was photographed in my classroom."

Without the location of the School I cannot narrow the options down to a particular route/routes!

................and now you've got it, down to the classroom! Not that many LT trollybuses ended up in class.
Every little helps!!

I shall attempt to copy the "Violent Playground" film for you - but I must mention that my copy is in ntsc format NOT pal (I have a multi-region dual system dvd player).

.............that really is kind of you, and if you want a copy of anything we've got in stock, please let me know.

I will email you again when I have succesfully made a dvd copy!

..........thanks Ray, most kind
Best wishes