Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Battle of Britain

Dear John

I was most interested in your website for reelstreets with Brian. When I watch the older films I often wonder now where was that shot taken? I will watch the site with interest. Here in Lincolnshire the Da Vinci Code makes the headlines and the Memphis Belle. When I lived in North West Essex the film the Battle of Britain was made in the skies above. I well remember sitting in the garden revising for my finals at University and a mock dog fight taking place. I met many of the film set as a lot of the planes were the spanish Rolls Royce powered Me 109s were based at RAF Debden where my late father was an honoary RAF Chaplain (25 yaers). We met the German, Galland etc. Then the filming was also at Duxford where a mock French Chateau was made of scaffolding and I think a paper cardboard front. We saw all the aircraft and a lot of the flying was witnessed from the ground. I thought these memories might be of interest.for restoration.