Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Blithe or Blythe Spirit

I think you'll find it should be BLITHE SPIRIT (not Blythe as on the website) ... I'm sure you'll be inundated with similar e-mails from other saddoes, but at least I'll be one of the first! Best wishes, Terry (& Sue) Quadbod media memorabilia

I was worried about this so checked up on it at the time - both spellings seem to be in common use and both acceptable, though I suppose we should use the one for the film release.. Most of the references to the original Noel Coward play appear to be 'Blythe'..

Whilst searching I also found this quote...

During a difficult rehearsal of Blithe Spirit one day, fellow thespians Claudette Colbert and Noel Coward found themselves embroiled in a violent disagreement. "If you're not very careful," Colbert screamed, "I may throw something at you!" "You might start," Coward replied, "with my cues!"

Mike Day