Friday, July 14, 2006

More or Less

Dear John,

I'm afraid all Kenny had to say in his book, 'More or Less', about the filming of 'Genevieve' is that... "much of the filming took place in a country lane leading to Moor Park Golf Club". He also mentions the surprised look on onlookers faces when they see the signpost that says, "Brighton 6 miles" ! I'm sure I have seen more (pun ?) about the making of 'Genevieve' somewhere else as well.

Kenny also does mention Robertson (Bunny) Hare. Bunny was a great friend of the Sargeant family for many years, my grandfather in particular, and I did go to see him in several London stage productions. He was also at my christening...somewhere there are photos... My father, (94) still has two ship's bells given to us by Bunny Hare inscribed with some very kind words about the Sargeant family and I have in our archive some letters from him and his wife. The bells were probably reminiscent of calling 'time' at one of my grandfather's hotels and pubs where Bunny would stay between engagements.

I am attaching a link to this address which gives directions for finding Moor Park Golf Club. I hope that this might be of some interest to you and your sleuths. (Can I be an honorary sleuth now ?)

All the best,


Tim Sargeant