Thursday, August 10, 2006

Film Locations

Dear Sir

Please can you let me know more about being able to use my 2 restaurants as film locations.

They are both situated in the borough of Richmond, and the one in Twickenham is 2 minutes from Twickenham Film Studios.

Brula Bistrot in St. Maragaets used to be used in the old Poirot series and our courtyard in Richmond at La Buvette is ideal for outdoor shots.

I look forward to hearing from you shortly.
Yours Sincerely
Lawrence Hartley
Managing Director
Brula LTD

Well, the answer here is to search for film location agencies on the web. There are many of them, obey their instructions, sign up, pray, wait ......................... and maybe!!!

Several of our locations, see on site The Locations That Nobody Knows, (Architectural 0006, and Passages 0055/6/7/8),have been recently used in feature films and for the small amount that we charge for subscriptions, the return, when we "sell" a location, is pretty good business.

Give it a try
Best wishes