Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Fast Lady

Film Title: Fast Lady Beaconsfield Studios

comments: I have lived in Beaconsfield all my life, I am now 52, we used to live behind the Beaconsfield Studios.
My Parents even used to 'put up' as guests at times actors from these films, when this film was being made we had Leslie Phillips as a guest... I am unsure of the location of many of the photos, but 2 I can identify with no problem.
Number 5. Shows the corner of Maxwell Road with the shop WH Smiths on the corner, this part of Beaconsfield has not changed much, Smiths is still there!
Number 6. Appears to be the same row of shops and therefore is Gregories Road or Burkes Road, both come in close together, my best guess would be Burkes Road.
Hope this is of help?
Andrew Petersen