Monday, November 20, 2006

third man

Well bloggers, ReelStreets is about to launch the ReelStreets World-Wide Location Guide, ............ well, to start with, just USA and Europe. So maybe not World Wide, just world narrow!

Have you any films from these continents that you want listed and which have
locations we ought to examine?

I've just been through Hungary, Austria, Slovakia and Italy by train ........... remember "The Lady Vanishes"?

And also had a wonderful tour of Vienna in the footprints of Harry Lime, remember him of the zither?

William Unruh has a splendid Third Man site, and Brigitte Timmermann has written an incredible book about the making of the film,, and organises wonderful walking tours of the city and locations.

So foreign film lists please, and their probable locations, but, of at least
20 years ago.

John Tunstill