Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Angry Silence

One Scene a Night shot outside a fish and chip shop.
Location was "Lincolns Fish n Chip shop, East Avenue, Hayes, Middx. I remember as a little boy standing with my dad watching it being made, as we lived in the same street.


This scene must have ended up on the cutting room floor. But, interesting
detail about Hayes. Do you recognise any of the shots on site?


Just got around to watching Angry Silence Again.
The Fish Shop Scene is there shortly after first vandalism shots,

( how far into the film Brian?)

the shop steward (Bernard Lee) confronts two young trouble makers outside, the hoarding to the left with advvertising on is on the back fence of the pub "The Royal Standard", if you look closley at the end of scene the camera pans to the left, showing, the flat fronted council houses in East Avenue, Hayes, Middx different from most of the other outside scenes, where the houses are mostly late Victorian bay window London types

........................well spotted Hawk Eye! Are any of the other scenes nearby?

Another thing is that although the scene shows people eating in the shop, this was never the case, it was always just a take away, half of the shop was empty up to the counter, and to the left was a wet fish sales slab used during the day, all on a concrete floor constantly wet, where old man Lincon, the owner, washed it down regularly in his old jacket with leather elbows, a chunky grey roll-neck jumper, large off white plastic apron, full length to ankles and wellington boots (never> ever> saw him in anything else)

..................fantastic human interest, thankyou.

If I get a chance I will take a photo as it is now, not much has changed, except the franchisees or owners
Best Regards Brian Duffy quick, there's a tenner on it! And, with the new RyanAir flights going from just down the road, in Perugia, for a couple of pounds, I might be tempted myself to take advantage of my own offer!!! But,seriously, now that you've let the cat out of the bag, take the shot before someone else does.
Thanks again John