Friday, December 15, 2006

The places of the cinema

Hi film sleuths,

Recently published, a fabulous new book on Italian film locations “I luoghi del cinema”, “The places of the cinema”, which contains references to 700 locations in 1500 movies.

So therefore who needs ReelSreets – Italia?

Well, everyone really, because this wonderful book can only afford a couple of shots to each film and we can devote endless web pages to dozens of “thens” and dozens more “nows”.

However as a starter guide it couldn’t be better.

Here in Umbria, Italy, we’re now starting a “Curry and Flicks” series of evenings. Curries are almost unheard of in most parts of Italy as the Italians had no cultural or imperial contact with Asia, and the flicks will be our old movies. So you bring along your Asiatic culinary delights, to share, and we all watch and talk about.................. old films.

So, if you’re ever in Italy, let us know, and you can come along. But let us know in advance because we’re starting trips to the films sites, Rome, Brescello, Po Valley, Naples etc that are listed on our ReelStreets – Italia Film List.

We’re also starting on the USA, west and east coast, Germany, Austria and France, so, if you know about films with good outdoor locations, let us know.

Ciao, and Buon Natale, …………..Bye, and Happy Christmas
John Tunstill.