Wednesday, February 21, 2007

angry silence

Have sourced another location for above film, it is called Horton Road, West Drayton, Middlesex.
Towards the end of the film Michael Craig is looking for two youths who beat up Richard Attenborough, he finds them in a derelict area.
This area is Horton Road, where he chases up onto waste ground, is an area then known as Sabey's tip, a worked-out gravel pit, turned rubbish tip, now unrecognisable as it is a golf course, the scene on top of the tip where Michael Craig has just knocked one of the lads down is interesting, as the Gas Works in the backgound is the one in Uxbridge, (now completeley demolished) which was used as a backdrop in Wrong Arm of the Law, I have checked with an ordanance survey map and it is correct, cannot justify though as the area is now completely unrecognisable apart from the lay of the road, however the shot of Michael Craig riding away is
positive, just look at the house to confirm.


Area was one of our playgrounds as children, now completely revamped with golfing area and industrial units.

Will send seperate photos Individualy in a few emails so not as to clog up system, all will be titled angerysilence1, angerysilence2, etc..

Also in pipeline A lot of scenes from Wrong Arm of the Law, if no one has claimed rights yet.
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