Friday, February 02, 2007

Assignment Redhead

G'Day John,
I am a researcher on Australian Radio Shows from the 1920's to 1960's. "Dossier on Dumetrius" was an Australian Radio Serial of 104 episodes written by Lindsay Hardy and based on his book "Requiem for a Redhead" which is also the basis for "Assignment Redhead". I would like to get a copy of the movie. I am not a film collector so I doubt I would have any films you are after, but happy to view your list just in case. I can trade copies of the radio serial or purchase the movie.

That's interesting info Ian, thanks, we'll blog it.
Regarding the copies of films, I can send you my wants list, but cannot sell films. Copyright, piracy etc. And I can't afford to give them away, as requests come in on a daily basis. So hopefully you'll find something to tape off TV, copy from a friend or buy second-hand. Who knows, if you make an appeal on the radio, you too might be overwhelmed with people wanting to trade old movies. Best wishes John Tunstill