Friday, February 16, 2007

whistle down the wind

Hi John,

I check the site regularly to see what, if any new, photos have been added. It seems that there's not been too many updates lately.

..............this is true, and in various places on the site I apologise for my tardiness.

"We have in the past, offered subscribers £10 for each photo submitted of previously unidentified sites and locations. As we have a wealth of material already waiting to be put on the site, this offer is currently suspended, to give us a chance to catch up!"
...............and in another place, on one or more of the sites, I explain that I build houses,, run a country house,, organise villa rentals,, weddings,, run a soldier business,, a postcard business,, a tourist site for visits to Umbria, and a site about the curiosities of the English language, So I keep fairly busy, and often have to concentrate on the business that make a lot of money in order to support those that don't. for recent films, "The Magnet" and "Never Let Go" went up last week, and in the last six months or so there have been about a dozen others, with another twenty or thirty "pending".

So, I've got plenty of excuses, but I really do appreciate your point, and can only apologise again, not only to you, but all of you out there who have submitted something that needs to go up on site, but so far hasn't appeared.

Last year, I submitted all the 'then' photos for 'Whistle Down The Wind' that you currently have displayed on the site.

............yes, January 2006, thankyou, and here a further apology is due because we have never acknowleged your fine effort in pulling all these stills. Because you were able to do that we then instituted a small reward for such efforts, a £10.00 thankyou or a subscription. I will tell my techie to put up the acknowlegement at once.

Last summer I visited several of these locations and shot the 'now' photos which I submitted to you in August.

.............yes, they arrived on the 3rd September, and have been in the file waiting to be loaded. Also in late July we received the photos which I have attached.

Unless I'm not looking at the right page it seems my 'now' submissions have not been posted. Are you just having backlog issues or am I not looking a the right film list page?

...............yes, again, you're correct, and the backlog, which was almost "terminal", is slowly being resolved.

A useful addition many web sites incorporate to their home page is a 'new additions' or 'latest updates' button that would provides a quick way to check to see what has been added recently.

................yes, there are so many "tweaks" that one can do to improve, but first one needs the technical skill and then one needs the time. During the last three months we've been creating some fancy system ( and here Terry and/or Mike, my techies could explain) to make everything easier to load, to find and to process.

Anyway, enough whining, you really have a great site., no, your points are valid, but "so much to do, so little time"

Thanks for writing, we'll blog this letter to explain to all the others out there that with success, over THREE MILLION, come the problems of scale. I thought that this would be a gentle little site for film nutters like me. But, as you can see, once one has a tiger by the tail, one can't let go.
Best wishes

.............and returning to the film;

Keith and Mary Hall, who still live in the village, (Mary was in the film) also took part in a more recent TV series about country doctors, Michael Sheldrake was in the series called "Born and Bred".

Miss Barton was the original school mistress and the kids in the film were the local children, not imported actors and received 10/- ten shillings, fifty pence, a day. Mary Hall received £1.00 a day, and had to look after Hayley Mills. Haley often comes to Umbria /Tuscany and eats at one of our local restaurants. The film was premiered in Burnley and all the children were invited to attend.

Were you Richard one of the children in the film?