Sunday, February 11, 2007

Would-be Sleuths

Hi would-be sleuths

Several of you have asked to be allowed to concentrate on specific films in order to be able to concentrate on taking the "now" pics, and earning yourselves a plethora of ten-pound notes.

To all of you I gave a time limit. Some of you have complied, and some of you haven't yet got round to pulling the digits out and putting the digitals into the camera. So, sorry, time's up, all deals are off. You know who you are, hang your heads in shame for not only breaking your promises to me but also for standing in the way of others who perhaps could have done the job in half the time. Yes, yes, yes, no time, too busy, Christmas, New Year, snow, and all the other excuses.

I won't be writing to ask for your help, nor will I offer an exclusive on any films in future. I will of course always let you know, if you ask, before you go on a sleuthing expedition, what shots we have in stock waiting to be loaded.

And as for those folk who have definate knowlege of specific film locations, but either can't, or won't, write it down for the benefit of the rest of us..................well, words don't escape me, but, rather than offend the delicate ears of the rest of you, I'll say no more.

There are always those who give, and never count the cost, and those who moan that they never receive.

The Magnet is coming up soon, really super outdoor shots of Liverpool, Wirral, Merseyside etc, from 50 years ago when one of the Fox brothers was a kid. Much like the rest of us.

Ciao, from bright sunny Italy,

John Tunstill and the Team