Saturday, April 28, 2007

BLUE LAMP Film Locations

I have studied the BLUE LAMP pics and can identify the following

bp009 Harrow Rd looking W towards Bishops Bge Road. Buildings in right foreground demolished for flyover.

bp012 Dalys Milk Bar, 8 Cranbourne St., WC2.

bp020 F P Jordan was really F Hinds, Jewellers, 290 Edgware Rd. Demolished for flyover. Awning for Bakerloo Stn. further up on right.

bp024 Corner of Harrow Rd & Edgware Rd. Demolished for flyover.
bp026 ditto

bp025 Lampposts indicate Harrow Rd by Edgware Rd. Unlikely any of this type in Ladbroke Grove.

bp027 Looking N up Edgware Rd towards pic 024. Possibly taken at junction with Chapel St.
bp028 ditto

bp036 Bookers, 263 Edgware Rd. Now site of flyover or new Police Stn.

bp051 Bond St., Ealing. Far from the other scenes I know but the 1950 Kellys lists Irish Linen Depot at 39 Bond St., W5 and the only branch of Dollond & Aitchison with a 43 address was in this street.

bp074 Possibly where Walmer Rd & Clarendon Rd met Lancaster Rd. Demolished 1970's for council housing. Stranded part of Walmer Rd N of Lancaster Rd was renamed Kingsdown Close.

bp075 Royal Crescent W11. Not same street as in pics 054 & 055.

bp079 Almost certainly Silchester Rd. Baths were on E side between Lancaster Rd & railway bridge.
bp080 ditto

bp082 Freston Rd W10. Part of Latimer Rd before Westway cut it in two.
bp083 ditto

bp092 Looking W towards Wood Lane & White City Stadium from roughly where West Cross Route is now.

bp093 Possibly Central Line roughly where Westway now crosses it.

bp094 Yes! Wood Lane.

bp095 Close to pic 009

bp096 Also close to pic 009. Police Stn was at 62 Harrow Rd., W of Paddington Green. Demolished for flyover.

Hope this is of interest to you.
Ian McDonald (deadlyaffair)