Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Leather Boys

I'm pretty sure that the pictures number 4 and 7 (twin roads with railway bridge over them) is a Southolm Street SW8,London.

If it is the location, it's looking in from Queenstown Road end.

I used to be a Rocker in the 60's and on Chelsea Bridge (1/4 mile away from Southolm Street) was a tea stall frequented by Motorcyclists of all types. The opening shots of 'Up the Junction' show this tea stall with the Chaufeur dropping off the girl, camera up high. This reinforces the poverty of South London (Battersea) compared with across the Thames and the Chelsea set, and how film makers were aware of this.

I'm sure I had a friend in Southolm Street that I visited, but it's a long time ago.

The roads in the end if the shot were all demolished in the late 60's and Flats were built, entrance from Alfreda Street off of Battersea Park Road. As far as I know, Southolm Street is a Cul De Sac now, but verification from someone in the area would be wise!

The other shots of terraced house is very typical of Battersea area housing, built 1880-1912, 1886 being Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee year, maybe this accounts for 'Queenstown Road'. I have to say that the wide road shots are almost certainly not South London, that I can remember. They look very North or West London.

As you're probably aware, Rockers were very South London, very working class. I feel proud to have been there. The Leather Boys reminds me of that time.

Very best wishes
George Smith