Friday, June 08, 2007

A Way to the Stars

The other day someone wrote in about "A Way to the Stars" , and its location scenes. I mistakenly thought of another film "A Matter of Life and Death", and said that I didn't believe that there were any ReelStreets style location shots, which was correct for ".........Life and Death".

However "...Way to the Stars", does have a few sequences, the opening one being.......possibly.....of "Halfpenny Field" an airfield in the midlands to where I used occasionally fly from the Staverton Airport, near Cheltenham where I used to live.

There are some good shots of the wartime RAF recognition charts, and I've got hundreds of the accompanying cards in my collection,, and there are a couple of shots of a pub....Red Lion?, Golden Lion?, and a street.

So apologies to whoever it was who wrote in, and one day we'll put the film up on site.................will you help me do it?

And last week I wrote, to some of you;

Obviously in my generosity I confused a lot of you with my offer of "FREE" tapes. What perhaps I should have said is;

This week I've got the following tapes to swap.

Amourous Milkman
Against the Wind
Adventures of a Private Eye
Assignment Redhead
Angry Silence
Au Pair Girls
Astonished Heart

There is only one of each, and yes YOU have to pay the postage from Italy where I live.
And YES, YOU have to reimburse me for the cost of the blank tape. Generosity, after all, has its limits.

However, you can offset all these costs by sending me a tape or disc of something I want, and I sent you my "wants" list a couple of weeks ago. And for those of you with a short memory I'm attaching it again. These tapes or discs need to be VHS Pal or DVD (Europe). Mine are of the same style/format.

The tapes I have are often copies off TV, with adverts, and some are dubbed in Italian.

You can further offset the cost by supplying "now" photos of "then" scenes that we've put up on site, you can take photos of film scenes that we haven't yet put up on site, and get paid for it.

You can sell advertising space on the site and earn commission.

You can even spend a week or two here in Italy, if you are computer literate, putting in a 40-hour week helping to organise the site, and load the next 50 titles, and I'll give you, in exchange, flights, board and lodgings, for yourself and a partner, see, and and we'll give you a year's subscription as well.

So, please don't ask for tapes I haven't got,
please don't ask for tapes I haven't finished with
and please don't offer me tapes that don't have real outdoors built-up locations with an actor in view and that weren't made before 1988

...................... because having to answer all the emails is a little time consuming, and, as perhaps you know I've eight or nine websites to run, a half-dozen building sites and a luxury guest house.

Ciao, from sunny Umbria

Perhaps we'll see YOU soon, if you're a good worker, with an interest in old British films

John Tunstill

Oh, and have you registered yet, ...................never mind subscribing???