Saturday, August 18, 2007

London Film, Location Guide

Simon James has just spent a few days at La Preghiera, my home, and provided a most entertaining and informative period. It really was a great pleasure having him here in Italy and discussing all the film/movie scenes that are so dear to both of us.

"Simon James' new book "London Film, Location Guide", is an immense achievement, covering, as it does, in depth, almost all the films that have ever used London's busy and ever-changing streets as their backdrop. An important work, not only for film buffs, but, perhaps more importantly, for social historians who, through the scenes in these films can not only identify the streets, but also, through watching the films themselves will understand more fully the ways in which our accents, manners, and clothing have changed in the last 75 years, as well as the differences in the food we eat, or ate, the drinks we drank, or drink, and also the life styles of, not only the rich and famous, but also of those less fortunate.
Simon has pulled together a wealth of cinemategraphic detail on the films and the actors, and, through his encyclopedic knowledge of the medium has managed to make thousands of links to other films made in the same or adjacent areas."

Publication date mid September, a Batsford book.

Simon also brought out the copy videos, discs and original photos, all of which will help to fill in more parts of this huge jig-saw that we have started upon.