Saturday, August 18, 2007

The most filmed city in Britain, outside London

From BBC / Liverpool

Could be Chicago, Dublin, Paris or Moscow - but no, they fooled's actually Liverpool, the most filmed city in Britain outside London. Whether doubling for the back-alley fire escapes of New York City or the cobbled streets of a Victorian period drama, Liverpool's broad spectrum of concert halls, cathedrals, stately homes, synagogues, roman buildings, and courtrooms make for the perfect low-cost solution for filmmakers. Locations such as St George's Hall, Canning St, Castle St, and the Docks have co-starred alongside some of the biggest names in the business.

The Liver Buildings

The Liverpool Film Office have recently produced a full colour movie map caled 'Boomtown' which details some of the high profile pictures that have been made or shot scenes in the city.

In the Name of The Father (1993) :
Starring: Daniel Day-Lewis.
The courtroom and the prison cells inside St George's Hall were used to shoot the interior court and prison scenes. The exterior of Liverpool museum was used for the famous scene where Daniel Day-Lewis is released from prison, and Canning St was the location for his 'London' squat.

Parole Officer (2001) :
Starring: Steve Coogan.
The former Bank of England building on Castle Street was used for the scenes where Coogan has to break into a bank vault.

Liverpool can double as many cities.

The Hunt for Red October (1989) :
Starring: Sean Connery.
A snowy Moscow street was created using the neo-classical grandeur of William Brown St, and a lot of artificial snow. Take a look in the movie, it's true!

From period dramas to 50's gangsters.

The 51st State (2001) :
Starring: Samuel L. Jackson.
City centre locations including Water Street, Dale Street, Liverpool Football Club and the India Buildings were featured.

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