Saturday, September 01, 2007

a little puzzle for you

Now here’s a little puzzle for you film buffs.

How is it that so many of you look at the site; some three million so far; a few of you write in with grumbles, grunts, requests etc; lots of you send in “now” pics; and some of you want to swap films; and a few of you have films that I want, and who say that they’ll do copies for me, so how is it that whilst I’m working my fingers to the bone to provide endless pleasure and amusement for all of you out there, so few of you, even when you’ve offered me something, never manage get your acts together?

Promises, promises.

There are more than 50 of you who have offered copy films, and still, after all these months, and in some cases, years, haven’t come up with the goods. But you’re still looking at the site, still taking, but unhappily, not giving.

Human nature, floods, sickness, house moves, the excuses are endless. So come on, you have in the past, and are still, taking full advantage of my work and generosity, I haven’t asked you for anything for access to a couple of hundred films, except an occasional tenner; which many of you have had back ten-fold; you offered me, remember?

And then there are those who know the locations used in various films, but won't or don't tell, then there are those who "reserve" films for three months, so that they can take the pics and claim the what happened to them? You know who you are and I know who you are.

Cheat me once, shame on you, cheat me twice, shame on me. So it won't happen again.

Hopefully your conscience will now prick you, you’ll get a grip and honour your offer, but I shan’t hold my breath. Just remember next time you log in………..that I too, remember.

...............and to those who are innocent out there, happy viewing and best wishes

from sunny Umbria
John Tunstill