Monday, December 03, 2007

The Green Man


Photo gn 010 is NOT Threadneedle Street.

That is the north-east corner of the junction of Holborn and Grays Inn Road.

There is no question - you can see the trolleybus wires emerging from Grays Inn Rd; trolleybuses were only grudgingly allowed near the City (the wires were deemed 'unsightly') and this turning loop was required for the terminating routes from North Finchley. Here and Moorgate were the only places in the actual City of London where wires were tolerated.

Confirmation can be had by reading the rather blurred legend above the descending stairs into the LT Station - look at the hazy words there and think:
'Chancery Lane Station'

Thankyou, more good info, its the 3rd of December and since you wrote on Nov 30th I've had 27 ReelStreets related emails to answer; and just answered one of yours.

In the 27;

A few subscriptions, which need thanking, passwords and logins selecting and recording, and replies sending.

Some material submitted, often with rather vague references as to what the subject matter is about. So the relevant film needs to be opened on site in order to check the claims.

AAhhh, but the phone rings because one of my builders is unsure of the specific requirements regarding one of the properties I'm constructing. here in Umbria

Lots of "then" photos identified, and lots of "now" photos sent in but not always tweaked to our required sizes.

And a fax comes in with the details of a house someone wants to sell near Lake Trasimeno on the Tuscan borders.

Then a couple of emails with details of films remembered, often good human stuff that needs to be put on site, but of course editing, spelling corrections, even adding capital letters for real or proper nouns, and at the start of a sentence need attention.

Another email, a real corker, someone halfway through buying a property has now had a sleepless night worrying that someone, probably me, is going to steal all his money. Four pages of, "I know it is unlikely, but what if.......................", and if that "what if" happens, then, what if? Four pages, but these take have to take precedence over ReelStreets, which is far more interesting and much more fun, because this is what pays for the site.

Some people have lost their passwords or logins. Are they paid up? When did they pay? DID they pay?

Some people with information that they are holding close to their chests, wanting me to tease it from them with pleas and promises.

A couple wanting me to find films for them, some others wanting information on films that interest them, and one offering to send me a film I want.

A property client, friday late pm, wanting to change the appointment date to purchase a house, involving six different people. which had been arranged for the last month, and writing again at 9am Monday wanting to know if all was now changed!

Someone telling me that I was taking much too long about everything and to remove his name from the mailing list, but of course he won't stop taking a free peek at the new films every couple of weeks or so

And so it goes on. Think what I could with all the money it costs me, think what I could do with all the time I would have, think of emerging into the sunlight, discarding my anorak and getting,,,,,,,,,,,,as they say...............a LIFE

Good viewing and best wishes to you all


John Tunstill