Friday, December 14, 2007

I believe in You

This was the film that started my interest in ReelStreets………all those years ago!

Selling 13th December on Ebay. From which this description is taken:

"I Believe in You, is a slice of life looking at the workings of the probation service, with Basil Dearden directing a screenplay he co-wrote.

Cecil Parker plays Phipps, a middle-aged recruit to the service, a retired colonial civil servant looking for a new and worthwhile occupation. Understanding nothing of his clients' backgrounds, he is at first bewildered, but gradually, with the aid of a dedicated woman officer (Celia Johnson), becomes more humane. The film also stars a young Joan Collins.

The subplot centres on two charges, Hooker (Harry Fowler) and Norma (Joan Collins), who fall in love and wish to marry but are forbidden by their probation officers, with the result that the youth goes back to his old gang to get money and independence, proceeds from a robbery. The paternalistic Phipps, now thoroughly alive to his responsibilities, intervenes in the theft; expecting to be asked to resign, he is delighted to find that not only does Hooker get out of a jail sentence, but promotion awaits him.

The performance that really stands out in the picture is that of a seventeen-year-old Joan Collins who projects a powerful aura of confident sexuality far in excess of what would have been intended at Ealing Green."