Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Whistle Down the Wind

The pictures for this blog were sadly omitted from the first posting and Brian has added a bit of text. Nick was right all along! (See comment below)

Pyramids and funny sticks

Oh dear! Big bruv John, can I borrow your specs??

See stills: WD 027/ WD 027n.

"Nick Gilbey suggests that this is the bridge over the railway line, from Burnley to Colne. But the then pic, doesn't have a pyramid on the end. MMMmmm?"

The pyramid and the funny stick things are on the end of that bridge!

Little bruv

Don't be too picky Mr T, after all, we're doing our best. If you knows of a better bridge, we'll be happy to include it.

For example, look at Optimists of Nine Elms, pics op048, op054 and op057, where there are differences between what was, and what is.

After 50-odd years some change is inevitable. Even I, am succumbing to time!

Big Bruv John