Tuesday, January 08, 2008

More on Optimists of Nine Elms, pet cemetery

The pet cemetery is indeed in Hyde Park at the back of Victoria lodge/ Victoria Gate, opp Brook Street/ Bayswater Road.
It is now overgrown and there is no access.
I clambered up a mouldy green wall with iron railings on top , much to my godson's horror.
'You'll get arrested' were his comforting words as I ascended.
A few minutes later I came back to earth with green knees and three 'phone camera' pics.

Now just a matter of getting the pics off the camera and onto the Reelstreets blog.
Little Brother Brian.

ps. And putting my trousers in the wash!

My word, the lengths that you ReelStreeters go to to in order to find a location!!!!!
We must all get a life!

Big Brother John