Friday, February 22, 2008

A Taste of Honey / A Kind of Loving

My name is Simon Hopes residing in Manchester about 3 miles from where a lot of the film A Taste of Honey was shot. Mostly filmed in Manchester are all predominately taken in the Miles Platting which is right on the edge of the city centre hemmed in by the city and the areas of Clayton and Beswick. I've discovered quite a few that are still there and I hope to take some "now" stills very soon.

Just to start the ball rolling the shot toho11c was filmed on Cambrian Street off Ashton new road and is [at the moment], untouched from the days of filming.

A lot of the canal scenes attributed to the ship canal on the stills aren't the ship canal at all. They were filmed on the canal that runs through the above districts. Most were filled in during the 60's, but incredibally have been re-opened in the last few years and are [of course] on the same route. If you look closely you can see the differance on some shots because the canal is only so wide and not capable of fitting a ship on.

The gasommeters on the stills were located on Bradford Road in Miles Platting on land very close to where Manchester City's new City of Manchester stadium is now. Only one survives, the others [the taller ones] were demolished in the mid 90's.

This area was also used to film scenes in "A Kind of Loving" - the scene wear Vic runs away from his sister's new house to be with Ingrid [I think], the 60's maisonette where it was filmed is still there, minus it's top floor and the mill in the background with a castellated tower is the only one of originally 4 that was not burned to the ground,[I should know, I'm a fireman].

Like I say, soon when I have leave, I'll take some shots and send them in.

One last thing,so little has changed in parts of the area that "Life on Mars", the 1970's themed drama, was filmed in certain locations that were also used on "A Taste of Honey"

Thanks Simon.