Sunday, March 02, 2008

Blue Lamp

Hi John again

bp093 is an interesting picture. It is just beyond White City station where because of the Central Line depot configuration, the directions of the lines are reversed. If you watched the film, just before Jimmy Hanley steps on the track, a tube train comes at him from his left, i.e. travelling on the right track instead of the left. The tripcock for the signal also confirms the direction of the track. The tracks overcross each other further down. Not really reel streets stuff, but thought you like to know.

On bp95 and 95n, I am not sure its an entirely accurate then and now. I believe the bp95n is taken looking across the new Bishops bridge road facing south, with Paddington station proper on the left as you look over the bridge. (Towards Orsett Terrace.) Pix 95 itself is looking in the opposite direction north towards Paddington Green, hence the trolleybuses. (See bp96) The two large buildings in each picture are at opposite ends of the bridge - then, but only one now.

Picky, John, I know, but......