Monday, March 17, 2008

Hell Drivers

Dear John

With reference to the film "Hell Drivers" featuring Stanley Baker, my mind is a bit on the foggy side and I might be making a mistake but I am sure I have seen a photo of Stanley Baker in the local Swansea evening post from years ago when he was making the film "Hell Drivers".

He was photographed alongside one of the vehicles from the film which was either hired or on loan from Rhyd-y-polon garage which was a transport company, I think from Frampton Road in Gorseinon, near Swansea where I think the photo was taken.

I believe the company is still going and now located in Swansea.

I might be totally of the track as you have got Bermondsey in London as the address but it might be worth checking it out just in case.

.............we've listed Bermondsey as the possible address of the only still we have taken from this film, the countryside may well be Wales.

Good luck with your website as I think it's brill.

.........Thankyou for this info, we'll blog it in the hope that someone else can throw some light on the subject.

...........Best wishes


Take care