Saturday, March 29, 2008

Look Back In Anger

I don't have pictures, but I remember parts of the film being made in a street called Harvist Road, London N7. It has long since been redeveloped, but parts of the street follow the line of present day Citizen Road, N7. Harvist Road ran from Hornsey Road opposite Shelburne Road, following the same line as Shelburne Road, until it turned left and stretched to Tollington Road at the Globe pub (now also gone).

The church in the film was situated roughly where Citizen Road bends towards the north west.

The day shown as being very rainy was actually warm and sunny, and the Fire Brigade (a source of fascination for small boys of 4 or so!) were pumping hudreds of gallons of water over extras with umbrellas who scurried into the disused church.

The house that Jimmy Porter (Richard Burton)lived in and where he ranted about the bells was diagonally opposite.

Mike Griffin