Saturday, April 19, 2008

Location Shots

Well, some of you will be rising from your winter hibernation and thinking of holidays.

Take your camera and see if you can find some worthwhile location shots for us. Home and abroad. Simon James has now sent in the pics for Fragment of Fear, Darling and Goodbye Mr Chips, partly filmed in Pompeii and on the island of Capri in Italy. Simon was lucky enough to take an early holiday. Is/was Pompeii a "stately home"? I hear you ask, yes and no, but not as well known as Buck House, HoP, St Pauls etc.

There are dozen more British made films with overseas locations, Omen and St Trinians, both partly shot in Rome, spring to mind, and was it Against the Wind that was made in Belgium?

Various James Bonds, Don't Look Now, Garden of the Finzi Contini, Death in ...., and Pink Panther in Venice and James Bond again in Amsterdam, often the line between British made, or internationally made is blurred. But if the film has British actors, was edited/produced in UK and/or made use of English studio space, then, let's include them all.