Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Made in Yorkshire

Dear John,

Tony Earnshaw and I have just discovered your excellent site following a clipping we have just received that was in The Daily Mail.

I am literally about to print up a coffee table book on Friday, in China, called MADE IN YORKSHIRE. I attach details: PDF File

I note with interest three films shot in Yorkshire which have escaped our attention and wonder if it were possible to verify them with you.

The first is John Schlesinger’s film SUNDAY BLOODY SUNDAY. My wife worked a lot with John and so I knew him well. As I am from Leeds we often talked about BILLY LIAR and YANKS but he never mentioned to me that part of SUNDAY BLOODY SUNDAY was shot in Doncaster.

Can you please tell me where you sourced this information from?

............our error here, my fault, no mention of Doncaster that I can find in my archive

THE ENTERTAINER. Tony did hear it was shot partly in Bradford but could not find any verification with either the Alhambra or the Bradford Telegraph & Argus. Again I would be grateful if you can help.

.............from Tony Reeves' book, The Worldwide guide to Movie Locations, Titan Books

A TASTE OF HONEY. This is baffling. We did not find anything relating to this film anywhere.

............here our search engine picked up the Bradford connection from Bradford Road Gas Works, Manchester!!

We have an interview with James Mason stating that the very first time he filmed in Yorkshire was the YTV film HOME JAMES. Again in a later interview with the Huddersfield Examiner he says that WATER BABIES was the first feature he filmed in Yorkshire. We found that Night Has Eyes, The aka Terror House was filmed in other parts of the country and not Yorkshire. I would be interested to hear your research on this matter.

I would grateful for any help you may be able to give.

I look forward to hearing from you,

David Nicholas Wilkinson
guerilla films ltd.
guerilla books ltd.