Sunday, April 27, 2008

Pool of London

Greetings John

Re pix POL002c, Pretty sure Bonar Baby could be walking Tooley Street crossing Battle Bridge Road just down from the two buildings split by Hays Lane.

Re Pool of London Pix POL004a - doubt if it is Old Kent Road, New Kent Road, Walworth Road, Camberwell Road as trolleybus wires are shown and I dont think trolleybuses ran down any of those streets. One of the North London termini routes perhaps? Commercial Road etc?

Re Pix POL013. Think it has to be Bankside as that is St Pauls on the other side, whose position would make that Cannon St bridge probably. The (older) London Bridge was stone, not girder.

Re Pix POL024, its probably not a bridge at all but a catwalk jetty or something. Probably further downstream.....wondering if that is the Woolwich Ferry further down??

Cheers Roy Barnacle