Friday, May 09, 2008

Only Two Can Play

It was with great interest I read an article in our local evening paper the Evening Post, about Reelstreets and in particular the film "Only Two Can Play", made mainly in Swansea in 1961. I was 19 at the time and in one of the still photos you have on the internet, you have a picture of my late grandfather's business name on the wall. You can just see it - J. S. Trollope - advertising palm toffees. I learnt my trade there. We were wholesale and retail confectioners and the big American top or rag top, would often pass by during the making of this very funny film.

Many of my friends were extras and this film cheered up very grey Swansea.

The reason that I write this is, I have tried for years to obtain a copy of this film but failed, could you possibly help here.

Yours sincerely

Roger James Trollope

Yes, Only Two Can Play found ... and sent.

I wonder if you can help me get a copy of a film that was made on our beautiful Gower peninsular in 1962. It was called The Inspector, our beautiful three cliffs were used as a back drop with dummy palm trees as a North African scene, it was the final closing scene of the film.

Again the weather was beautiful, we were among many extras, all the film crew and their equipment was stored in Beynons Farm, Penmaen, they even had a Comet tank down on the beach and that was a task in itself.

Best Wishes

Roger Trollope