Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Cockleshell Heroes

Watched this in passing last Sunday – Fairly tame 1950’s WWII film.
There is a fairly light hearted piece where David Lodge (attached) is undergoing evasion type training – where the soldiers are set the task of returning to base under their own steam. David Lodge elects to return by running in a singlet and shorts as if he were an athlete. Part of the scenes running on suburban streets are set in Shepperton in my road (Old Charlton Road), at the turning into Marion Avenue which is clearly seen. He also gets splashed by a car going through a ford – again this is at the end of my road, though now changed to just a stream with no through traffic, due to the presence of the M3.
Incidentally this road is also used in the Dad’s Army movie from the early ‘70’s where the lads have erected a barricade of furniture etc, across a street, outside a pub called The Bell. Again this is towards the end of my road - Old Charlton Lane.
The closeness to the studios in the town is the obvious link.
One final comment the author – JG Ballard – Empire of the Sun, etc. lives in this road too as a virtual recluse in a very run down house. His recent Autobiography makes mention of the town, street and ford noted above.
Hope this is of interest.
Roland Grant