Friday, June 13, 2008

Re" Hobsons Choice" final church scene


I read with interest you "Reel Streets"article containing details about "Hobsons Choice" film locations.

As a Stockport resident and fan of the film I can, beyond doubt confirm that the wedding scene is based on "Tiviot Dale Church Stockport which was located on Lancashire Hill Stockport. I have a photograph of the now demolished church. the site is now occuoied by a public house.

..................another one that we've missed!

The power station cooling tower in the background (now demolished) is Stockport power station Photographs available. the one constatnt feature in the scene is St Marys Church Stockport, (to the right of the cooling tower). The same church features in a "Taste of Honey" and Yanks.

.................that's a good lead, thanks

The backdrop to the scene is still recognisable today

Should you require copy of the photographs please do not hesitate to contact me.

Wayne Littlewood

.............yes please, although we are now probably unable to actually link any real streets, the information and photos will be of use to those interested in these films

Best wishes

John Tunstill